The latest discoveries made in ancient Ephesus

The most important discovery in the last 50 years was made in the ancient city of Ephesus in October 2022.

A 1400-year-old Byzantine district was recently discovered in the ancient city of Ephesus. The discovery of businesses and a neighborhood from the 7th century AD that was beneath a layer of fire will also expose many unknowns in Ephesus.

This is the most important discovery in Ephesus since the excavation of the Terrace Houses 50 years ago, according to Sabine Ladstatter, Head of the Ancient City of Ephesus Excavations.

1400-year-old Ephesus neighborhood found

In the ancient city of Ephesus, a neighborhood 1400-years-old was unearthed.

Archaeologists found that stores and ruins in the district, which was judged to be from the early Byzantine Period, were well preserved. They claimed that the extraordinary preservation of the discoveries was due to a deep coating of fire that blanketed houses, stores, and equipments.

According to Sabine Ladstatter, Head of the Ephesus Ancient City Excavations Committee, “The region appears to have vanished suddenly about 614-615 BC. All of the household furnishings in the rooms were covered in a thick and dense layer of fire. As a result, they were all preserved for future generations.  Even though they are dated to different chronological times , this region appears to have disappeared. The discovery is comparable to the Pompeii archaeological site “said.

What was discovered during the excavation of Ephesus‘ ancient city?

The Ephesus excavations found what?

So far, hundreds of ceramic containers packed with the remains of seafood like as mussels and oysters, as well as pots loaded with salted mackerel, have been uncovered in the 170 square meter excavation area.

Charred pea and legume seeds, as well as peach, almond, and olive kernels, were discovered. Four gold and bronze coins were taken from the vaults of a few stores. Many tiny pilgrim bottles, which may be worn around the neck and offered as presents to Christian travelers, have been unearthed.

Recent Discoveries-1400-Year-Old Byzantine District- Private Ephesus Tour

Where have the recently found artifacts at Ephesus been discovered?

According to Sabine Ladstatter, the excavation’s leader, the newly found neighborhood is located in Domitian Square, just near to the Upper Agora, Rome’s political center.

What will happen with the recent discoveries in Ephesus?

Sabine Ladstatter believes the recent discoveries in Domitian Square will help to explain many questions about the history of Ephesus.

The most recent discoveries haven’t yet been included into the Ephesus tours. Unfortunately, we will not be able to visit this newly found neighborhood anytime soon.

We will, however, incorporate these latest discoveries in our Private Ephesus tours as soon as they are permitted to be visited.