Isabey Mosque In Selcuk - Private Ephesus Tours


March 17, 2021
Ephesus Info

Archeologists mention that there is a possibility of an Apollon  temple in the place where the mosque was built. It was common in the ancient  times to built an Apollon temple next to Artemis temple since they are considered as twins. Apollo was the twin brother of Artemis, the god of prophecy. The mosque was built in 1375 (According to Christian Calendar,  According to moslem calendar 776) by the Architect Ali from Damascus, ordered by  Isa Bey, The Emir Aydin. Has 2 parts as courtyard and the prayer room. Mosque  was built with materials taken from former greco-roman buildings. Has 3 entrances. The west facade is made from the blocks of Marble from the cella of Artemision. In the center of the courtyard, there is a basin of octogonal shape for religious purifictions. It had 2 minarets. One was destroyed by an earthquake. Today it is the oldest active mosque in Turkey. It has been active since 14th century. In 1950s it was restored. Today only one out of two is standing.

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